MeetAngelaAngela Arana – Head Voice Teacher/ Recording Artist

qmark3Most of my life has been spent singing, it is a deep part of me, something profound, happy and light all at the same time.”

Angela Arana is an industry-proven Vocal Instructor and International Performing Artist based in San Jose, CA. where she runs Angela Arana Voice Studio.

Angela is able to instill a profound and gentle confidence in her students which transcends the boundaries of voice and takes students to the next level.

Students experience results much greater than their own because of innovative, expressive techniques that simply and directly explain the “science” behind effective vocals, and her one-of-a kind ability to intuitively diagnose, direct and determine exactly what is needed with each voice.

Angela has many students and they are all fans of her voice lessons. Read some of her testimonials here.


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From Opera to Rock; Jazz to Pop or R&B, the Speech Level Singing Method maximizes your optimal singing abilities. Including 120 Grammy-Award winning artists, SLS has perfected the voices of many people of all ages worldwide. SLS improves the vocal presence and clarity, allowing you to sing with freedom and power while maintaining an even balance throughout your entire vocal range.