qmark3Working with Angela for the past two years has been an amazing experience. With her help and encouragement, my voice has dramatically improved since I first started. I now feel confident enough with the skills she has given me to pursue my career in musical theater. The speech level technique Angela teaches provides necessary and important steps to building a stronger, more solid voice. Angela not only has worked diligently to help me improve, but has inspired me so much. I am so very grateful to have had her as my teacher, coach, and mentor these past two years.”

– Andrea F.

qmark3A vocal training that is a delightful burst of fresh air. Whether you are interested in improving your voice for casual singing or professionally, you want a teacher who will help you learn to take good care of your voice. Ms. Arana’s voice-coaching style is very organic. She truly understands that the entire body is the instrument. She is particularly aware that each person has their own voice that can only be well-developed through consistent practice and healthy training. She helped me expand my range and taught me that singing can be done with as much ease as the way we speak. The benefits from her training can extend beyond your singing voice. After training with her, I often receive compliments of my speech voice, and have been asked what I do. My answer is Ms. Arana’s training!”

– Eillenil S.

qmark3Not only Angela is a great vocalist, she is also an amazing teacher. Not everybody can teach, but Angela has a gift of teaching. My daughter enjoys learning from Angela because she is warm, fun, patient, encouraging, and knowledgeable. I’ve attended Angela’s voice recitals for numerous times. Angela’s students are impressive. They sing beautiful songs effortlessly. I felt like I was attending the actual concert with professional singers. My experience with Angela’s recitals confirms that Angela is a truly talented voice teacher to get all her students to be top notch. If you are looking for the best voice teacher for your children or yourself, I highly recommend Angela. I am confident that you will improve with the right techniques regardless of your level.”

– Pattree D.

qmark3My daughter started voice lessons with Ms. Angela about four years ago. There has been a remarkable change in her voice quality, control and range since then. In addition, Ms. Angela has a sweet and endearing personality, is a fantastic singer herself and her dedication to her craft is inspiring. I would highly recommend Ms. Angela to anyone who is willing to work hard and has a desire to grow and become an accomplished singer.”

– Deepali H.

qmark3I’ve been going to Angela for almost 2 years for voice lessons. Angela has helped me so much with my voice and I wouldn’t be where I am now without her. As a speech level singing teacher, she is very thorough with vocal techniques and the balance between air and muscle. She goes off of technique, which is what trains your voice. She is always good at explaining so that I understand and has always been encouraging in my musical career. I’ve definitely improved as well as learned about the art of singing. Starting vocal lessons was one of the best decisions I’ve made and choosing Angela was such a blessing. She’s hands down one of the sweetest people I have ever met. My family and I have grown very close to her and she has become very dear to me. I love Angela, and if you’re looking for a vocal teacher you’ll love her too.”

– Aimee E.

qmark3Angela was Rachel’s first vocal instructor at age 11 and has grown so much over the past 5 years as a vocalist under Angela’s direction. Rachel is more confident, has specific techniques to practice on a regular basis to keep her voice “conditioned” and Angela has helped Rachel achieve great results with even some of the toughest songs. Thank you Angela!”

– Connie H.

qmark3Angela Arana’s method and passion for teaching has advanced my daughter’s vocal range, strength and tone. She teaches important fundamental vocal exercises as well as works with students to master specific songs. Because of Angela’s positive and encouraging instruction, my daughter truly enjoys working with her. She is learning so much and improving!”

– Denise M.

qmark3By taking singing lessons from Angela, I have found that there was much more to my voice than I had previously believed there to be. Through the process of assessing my personal difficulties with singing and then helping me to gradually learn to sing with better technique, Angela has guided me to experience a wonderful balance between power and relaxation and increased by a wide margin the notes that I am able to sing. Thanks to the instruction that she has given me, I now enjoy singing more than I ever did before, and constantly see more improvement as we progress. I personally recommend Angela Arana very highly to anyone who wants to sing at their best potential, regardless whether or not you have any past experience in the area of singing.”

– Danny L.

qmark3My now 15-year-old daughter has been taking private voice lessons from Angela since October 2014 (over a year and a half). Speech level singing was a new technique for my daughter and at first it was a difficult transition from what she had been taught earlier, but Angela was patient and this new method has definitely increased her range and ability to project her voice. I remember when she first started practicing her most recent recital song, it sounded like it was too high for her, but by the time of the actual recital she was able to give a solid performance, proof that her range is expanding. Also, Angela has helped my daughter through two auditions to get into more advanced choir groups at school, and she succeeded each time. Angela shows discernment around when a student needs to be pushed to get to the next level, verses when a student needs to be supported and given grace. What makes Angela special is that in addition to being a good vocal instructor, she really genuinely cares about each of her students as a whole, not just their singing, and she is passionate about what she does – she doesn’t see it as a job but as a calling. At certain times when my daughter was having a particularly stressful time, Angela has taken extra time to talk to her and encourage her. Angela has also been very accommodating of our scheduling needs. When I figured out that the commute was taking a toll on our family, she allowed my daughter to take lessons over Skype, and on the weeks when there was no school, Angela has allowed me to bring my daughter in person at an earlier time to avoid traffic. Angela also models for her students the vocal skills she is teaching, and what it means to be a performer. One way she does this is by performing along with the students at the recitals, which is always enjoyable for the students and the parents! I am so grateful that we found Angela and continue to look forward to what she will do with my daughter in the future.”

– Yuki M.